49 MPH / The Official 50 MPH Speed Commentary Track

Watch Along with Your Favorite Speed Obsessive

The end is nigh for 50 MPH. We’ve entered the month of June, 2024, and now, the official 30th anniversary of Speed is quite literally around the corner. But before this project finally reaches its expiration date, it seems only right to formulate something of a recap of our adventures over the last year.

Every Monday, for 12 months, 50 MPH has brought you fresh interviews with, in the final analysis, 120 individuals who were either involved with the making and packaging of Speed or were simply smart, peripheral voices to include in an analysis of its impact and legacy. It’s truly a landmark ensemble of participants for a podcast oral history. We could simply run an episode packed with a lot of the same soundbites you’ve heard along the way to sort of harness all of that information and distill it for the big goodbye. Or we could do something different. Something unexpected. Something silly, even.

And so, we are excited to bring to you the official 50 MPH commentary track for Speed. That’s right, it’s two hours of 50 MPH host Kris Tapley talking to you about Speed… while watching Speed. We’ve finally reached the singularity.

There are two ways you can do this. You can listen to this week’s episode like a normal podcast, on your morning commute or your daily walk or what have you. You’ll hear the movie underneath the commentary and it should be a seamless enough experience, particularly if you’re well-versed in the film. Or, you can download the commentary-only track, fire up the movie on your end and listen along. Just press play when the 20th Century Fox logo fades onto the screen.

However you choose to listen, the goal here is to, again, tie things up with a nice recap of 50 MPH. What better way to do that than to watch Speed together as your humble host throws some insights around and directs you to various episodes of the podcast along the way for deeper dives into whatever we might be seeing on screen at the moment. And the best part is, any time you want to watch the movie together, we’ll be right here, ready to tag along.

Enjoy the recap and review, and we’ll see you one more time next week, right here, on 50 MPH!

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Kris Tapley Your Host:

Kris has covered the entertainment industry for nearly two decades, with bylines at Variety, The New York Times, Empire and Vanity Fair. He now works as a writer and consultant in Los Angeles, where he lives with his loving wife, lively son and lazy cat. He likes Speed.